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Discover the homemade food of Greece with Travelling Spoon

Tours event in Mykonos, April 1st, 2018 10:00

  • 01st
    April, 2018

Meet Angelina

Angelina's interest in cooking was sparked as a teenager as she watched her grandmothers and mother cook in their Greek kitchen. After her studying sociology Angelina worked as a journalist, has published a magazine and taught media in the past. She has traveled around the world and it was during her time living in South Korea in the 90's that she started offering Greek cooking classes. An active food blogger, member of Slow Food International and a member of the Mykonos Gastronomic Club, Angelina is passionate about sharing forgotten Greek and Mykonian recipes featuring locally produced and seasonal ingredients with her guests. One of her passions is discovering traditional island cheeses, small wineries, and microbreweries and she loves sharing her insider knowledge with her guests.

What to expect

In-home meal: (4-8 guests) Enjoy a traditional Greek meal at Angelina's dining table, or outdoors when the weather is good. Angelina focuses on Mykonian produce and seafood caught off the island's shores. Your authentic Greek meal will start with mezze (appetizers) like taramosalata, saganaki (a soft, fried cheese), tzatziki (yoghurt dip), spanakopita (phyllo pastries), gigantes plaki (giant beans in a tomato sauce) followed by a Greek salad, a main dish such as a whole fish, lamb and potatoes, garides saganaki (prawns in fresh tomato sauce with feta cheese), or revithada (a chickpea dish from the island of Sifnos, slow-cooked in a clay pot) or the traditional moussaka perfectly cooked. For dessert, try Angelina's homemade karidopitta (sticky walnut cake) with ice cream or perhaps semolina halva with spices and homemade citrus jelly.

Cooking experience: (4-8 guests) Learn to prepare a traditional Greek and Mykonian meal in Angelina's kitchen. When weather permits you might cook outdoors in a shaded barbecue area. In your hands-on lesson she will teach you to cook 2-3 traditional Greek mezze dishes, like spanakopita or taramosalata. Your meal will also include additional dishes that Angelina will have prepared in advance. You can expect to cook for about an hour before you sit down to share the meal you helped to prepare.

Market visit: (4-8 guests) Explore the local fish and vegetable in the port of Mykonos Town (Hora). Angelina will introduce you to the local produce and products, and explain the specialties items that are produced exclusively on Mykonos. After wandering the market, and perhaps picking up a few items for your meal you will drive to Angelina's beautiful countryside villa with a view of the ocean. The drive takes about 20 minutes. 
On days when the market is not at it's peak, Angelina will take you to some of her favorite shops in town. You will visit shops like her favorite cheese and yoghurt producer, the fish monger, a local bakery or a farmer nearby. She can tailor the experience to your interests, so just ask!

Notes: Angelina is only available on Mykonos in the summer months, from June - October, and she has limited availability. 

There is a nearby beach and a pool that you are welcome to use during your experience. Just bring your swimsuit and snorkel equipment, a hat and a good appetite!Traveling Spoon is like having a friend’s mom cook you a home cooked meal in every country you visit. Traveling Spoon connects travelers with local, vetted hosts to share the joy of a homemade meal in their home and learn about their cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations.o help you experience local cuisine while traveling, Traveling Spoon offers in-home meals with our hosts. In addition, we also offer in-home cooking experiences as well as market visits as an add-on to many of the meal experiences. All of our hosts have been vetted to ensure a safe and delightful culinary experience.

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