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Sports & Wellness event in Mykonos, April 1st, 2018 09:00

  • 01st
    April, 2018
    Sports & Wellness

Take good care of your body while you're on vacation!Relax and enjoy your holidays and try different kinds of massage with YourMassage Mykonos.
The cellulite massage is a supportive way to eliminate cellulite . this technique is applied to the affected areas of the body improving the blood circulation and enabling lymphatic circulation which results in releasing from the toxins. Duration: 60 min.

The Indian traditional massage on body and head is actually what you need after a long journey or a night out! According to Swedish and Indian movements of massage, the therapist will achieve relaxation from the pressure and toxins accumulated in the tissues and muscles of the body.

The technique of athletic massage is applied so as to reduce pressure and tension in the soft tissues of the body. It is a method of therapy that helps people with increased physical activity to get relieved from stress created in the muscles after physical activity. Duration: 60 min

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