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Mykonian Hiking Adventure

Tours event in Mykonos, April 1st, 2018 08:30

  • 01st
    April, 2018

The unique experience in Mykonos, starts at 8:30 a.m. from your place of stay. Destination is the "Mykonian Spiti Traditional Farm", at Ano Mera village, where you will receive the delivery of the equipment: backpack, water bottle , small package with food and traditional 'hook' or stem,(walking stick) for your support during the hike. We will also analyze the route and the hike forms will be distributed with the objectives to be achieved. We also have the possibility of performing a short tour around the farm's vegetable garden and visit its domestic amimals.
At 09.15 am, we will start walking at the entrance the village of Ano Mera (Statue of Heroes) where the "Starting" point is. Along the way we will faithfully follow our guiding dog from "Mykonian Spiti", which bears the name "Dida". The start drives us to achieve "1", a track 1,450 meters to get to the Farm "Maou" at 10.00 am. A little rest, and filling the water cooler with fresh water from the (certified) well and depending on the season, we will have the opportunity to try some fresh products, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, figs, pears etc. Our trip continues by crossing the narrow streets of Maou, between cultured estates and traditional homes. We'll get to the "padding" and if we lucky we will savor fresh berries. At this point we will observe amateur local fishermen at the edges of the lake dam, an integral part of the wonderful pictures, along with various animals graze unconcerned around us. At 10:30am, we should arrive at the panoramic point "2", the Dam, where we will have already traveled 4,150 meters. Here you will be getting additional information and after a short rest, we will continue to achieve the goal No "3", at 950 meters, and a total of 5,100 meters from start, on the beach of Mirsinis, crossing the sand...

Α option: at point "3" the itinerary of adventure ends, and you can enjoy swimming at the sea, until you come around 13.30 to be driven back to your place of stay or the "Mykonian Spiti" for lunch (if this option has been selected).

Β option: for those continuing the adventure, after a short break of 15 minutes, with a dip in the sea and overlooking the sea, we will embark on the most difficult path, "The Wind", the target point "4", 6,100 meters from the start. From this point we can see from above the islands of Ikaria, Samos and Tinos! Going up and on our left, visible through the large holes in the hillside, created from the old granite mines. At "The Wind", we should arrive around 13.00 and a longer rest is now necessary. The Wind generated from 'The Wind" will impress us and buoy us to achieve the next step No "5", the estate with bougainvilleas 7,300 meters away from the starting point. Passing the farm with the horses, and the small and picturesque blue chapel we will get to the point. Time for our little lunch on the terrace, in the shade of large eucalyptus trees and opportunity for beautiful moments in the most impressive estate on the island. Half an hour rest and then immediately we continue to the "Finish" point, our ultimate goal "6" and having traveled 9,800 meters, the "shipyards of Elm" where amateur fishermen are guarding their small boats of this area and the adjacent beach a redemptive bath, will come to the end ... our adventure. The car will pick us up at around 14.00, bound for where we started. If you have selected the option of the traditional lunch, we will transfer you to the Mykonian Spiti, where a hearty meal will be waiting, with similar festivities and of course a review of the day and all our day's experiences we lived of the unique hiking adventure.

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