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Scuba Diving Tours & Adventures: Kalafatis Dive Center

Sports & Wellness event in Mykonos, April 1st, 2018 11:00

  • 01st
    April, 2018
    Sports & Wellness

Dive into ancient history during your stay on the island. Explore beautiful, colorful reefs and fish in the Aegean Sea but also take a look into the past. Kalafatis Dive Center will take you underwater to discover ship wrecks, canons and rock walls. With the incredible clarity of the water here, there is visibility up to 30-40 meters.  Explore the “Anna II” shipwreck in just 10 minutes from the shore where you will discover reefs and well preserved artifacts. Lessons are available for those at all levels- from beginners to masters. For those who prefer to explore above the sea, Kalafatis Dive Center also offers boat trips to Delos, Rhenia, and Dragonisi. Those aboard can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Kalafatis Dive Center is located at Kalafatis Beach. All equipment is provided. Accessible by car and motorbike.
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Call at:  +30 22890 71677    from 1st of May -  15th of October or Mobile:   +30 6945 243928     all year round