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Why Is Super Paradise the most sinful paradise?

Only in a haven for sinners can you see so many people dancing on the table

June 26, 2017
Tags: Beach Bars
As many of you know, Mykonos has been known for years as THE party destination within the Greek isles. From jetsetters to celebrities to college students, the island welcomes thousands to enjoy the good life of sun, sand and sin. Each year, more beach clubs pop up offering something unique and different to cater to the many needs of vacationers, but Super Paradise remains a staple in any true party goer’s experience. Super Paradise is the most sinful paradise, and we can prove it.

Alternative + Anti-Conformist

While many of the beach clubs try to appeal to the everyone – couples, families, groups of friends, Super Paradise dares to stand out. Super Paradise is not for everyone (leave  the kids at home, and not a place for a quiet romantic drink), and yet it welcomes everyone who come with no-judgment, no pretense, only those with one goal – to party. Super Paradise is known for the eclectic crowd and this beach club is full of ravers, jetsetters models, and everyone in between.

A Club Atmosphere At Every Corner

The energy at Super Paradise is infectious, and once the party starts, there’s no hiding from it. The music, the people and the drinks flow everywhere from on top of the bar, to the beach beds, even in the water!

Nude Beach

Not only is Super Paradise nude tolerant, but there is even an area where its considered mandatory. It’s about accepting, loving and flaunting what you’ve got on this beach. When in Mykonos….

Topless DJ Aurika

To make things even more sinful, Super Paradise has added Topless DJ Aurika to the mix. Yes, you read that right, topless. Having started her career in 2008, DJ Aurika adds (or should we say removes) a bit of herself in every performance. Her energy, appearance and beats easily captivate the audiences and leave them wanting more. Get ready for another level of sexy Summer days.

Dancing On The Table Is Normal

Only in a haven for sinners can you see so many people dancing on the table. Super Paradise encourages you to live your Greek fantasy, whatever that may be. And if that happens to be on top of the table drinking champagne or other delicious beverages, then so be it.

The Only Thing Hotter Than The Sun Is The Bodies

Super Paradise rewards those who show up and show off. Whether you have been working out or want to strut yourself in that new string bikini, Super Paradise is the place to do it. Lust, envy and pride after all, are three of the seven deadly sins.

Book A Room Next To Super Paradise

In case you partied too hard or want to continue the party with a new friend, Super Paradise makes your sins even easier. The beach club also boasts accommodations just up the hill from the beach where you can enjoy quick access to the beach and to bed.

Get Gluttonous

There is no shortage of delicious tropical drinks, shots, wines and beers. Pick your poison and drink up because Super Paradise is a party all day and all night.

There you have it, now all you need is to experience it yourself. And remember, sin responsibly. 

Weekly Parties @ Super Padise Beach Club

Super Paradise = Party! Parties from Morning till night!Everyday after 4pm the party atmosphere takes place, and as the sun goes down at Super Paradise.

Every Sunday: Greek Vibes Party

Dance into a Greek Vibe.
Every  Sunday the night is yours. Come and see the authentic Greek way of clubbing with the greatest greek music in the island!

Every Friday: R’n’B Party

"Drop it Low Fridays " is the hugely popular R’n’B, Friday night party at Super Paradise Beach Club. Save the date.

Stay tuned with My Mykonos App! More parties and events to be announced!

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