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Real Mykonian Culture With Mykonian Spiti

Mykonian Spiti has recently expanded their offering to food, adventure/culture and cruises

May 03, 2017
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Even on the island of luxury and parties, there are plenty of amazing cultural activities that will give you a taste for Greek culture. Experience the traditional Greek way of life, culture and of course, the Greek art of cooking.


Enter Mykonian Spiti, the island’s premiere and local family run cultural tour company.  The company gets its name from the Greek work for home – “Spiti.’ The family keeps the authentic traditional Mykonian style of living alive through various activities that are welcome to all guests. Mykonian Spiti began in 2012 with cooking classes and has since expanded its offerings beyond food to adventure, culture and cruises.

Mykonian Spiti uses organic and fresh Mykonian goods right from the family vegetable gardens – the original farm to table – before it was trendy! With its superior quality of goods, the family narrates the experience with examples of the family habits and stories including traditions, religion, and of course, family unity and love.

So, what are these activities you ask? Well, Mykonian Spiti has recently expanded their offering to food, adventure/culture and cruises.

1. Food

  • Cooking Classes
  • Traditional Lunch or Dinner
  • Mykonian Spiti BBQ
  • Visit to the Mykonian Farm and Family Vineyard of Mykonian Spiti Adventure

2. Adventure

  • Hiking Adventure
  • Ancient Delos Tour
  • Mykonos Walking Tour
  • Armenistis Lighthouse Visit

3. Cruises

  • Mykonos South Beach Cruises
  • Ancient Delos + Rhenia Cruise

While we recommend you try at least one of these experiences to make your visit to Mykonos truly memorable and share stories beyond just laying on the beach. The most popular excursions are the visit to the Traditional Mykonian Farm, Mykonian Spiti BBQ, walking tour of Mykonos, and a visit to Ancient Delos. 

What are you waiting for? Book your tour! For more info please contact:

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