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On the island of champagne, Birra Birra changes the bar scene

I first discovered this place as I was strolling along the old port

August 10, 2017
Tags: Bars
Ah Mykonos, the champagne capital of Greece. Everywhere you look, there is bottle after bottle of champagne on display, poured into glasses and sprayed into the air. In a world always seeking something new and improved, there is one thing that will never go out of style: BEER. 

Birra Birra Mykonos seemingly popped up out of nowhere, but is a breath of fresh air for those looking to slow down, relax and enjoy life sip by sip. I first discovered this place as I was strolling along the old port, trying to cool down from the afternoon heat with the breeze coming off the water. Once I reached the end near Matogianni Square, I noticed a brand new shop in the corner behind the statue - Birra Birra.

There were men sitting outside on stools with a large beer in one hand and a cigar in the other, a group of college students, and a few women chatting among-st each other. Casual and comfortable, Birra Birra feels so welcoming, it invites you in on its own, unlike many of the other restaurant hosts that practically yell at you and put a menu in your hands. 

As I looked around, it resembled a charming Greek version of a beer garden that has an old world meets trendy vibe with its wood and antique décor down to the very last detail – wooden ladders, toy trains and planes, and lamps. I sat down in the back, and I felt instantly transported to another place.

Oh, and the menu did not disappoint either. 
Beer lovers can rejoice at the selection on tap from all around the world: Leffe, Stella, Alfa, Mikonu Pale Ale and more – all poured to perfection in the brand’s signature glasses. What’s even better is that the waiters know what’s on tap like the back of their hand, so they can make recommendations based on your go to drink. While I was tempted to order one of my favorites, I figured why not try something new? I loved every sip of the Gouden Carolus.

Time seemed to stand still while I was there. It was so relaxing that I didn’t notice (or really care) what time it was, or that I had drank several beers until I started to get hungry. At first, I just ordered the pretzel, but after looking at the menu again, I figured why not try a few more things to turn this into a late leisurely lunch. I had the spring rolls and then the grilled swordfish, and I could not have been happier. What could possibly be better than a warm ocean breeze, a cold beer and swordfish on the grill in Greece?
Birra, birra, I’ll be back for another round soon.

The My Mykonos App Team