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How To Experience SantAnna Mykonos Like a Boss

live life to the fullest and live each day as if it were your last

August 09, 2017

If you haven’t heard of SantAnna Mykonos yet, then prepare to be amazed. This luxury beach club just opened in July, but is already causing a scene and we’re pretty sure Mykonos is never going to be the same. 

Sure there are the hotspots everybody loves, but none of them can compare to the seemingly endless amenities that SantAnna has. It is in a league of its own and changing the luxury game in Mykonos. We’re lucky enough to have been here a few times since it opened, so we figured we’d give you the download on every square inch of this place so you don’t miss a thing.


A VIP island is the key to unlocking the luxury, access and privacy you’ll need to experience SantAnna like a boss.


Get pumped for the day and sweat out all that champagne and drinks from the night. A quick gym session is all you need to sculpt and tone your beach body for a day in the sun. 


The restaurant opens at 9am, so you can enjoy a calm and savory breakfast poolside before the crowds come.

12:00 PM SWIM

One of the best and most unique thing about SantAnna, is you can go from beach to poolside in seconds. Reserve a beach cabana to ensure a balance of comfort, privacy and access to Paraga, one of Mykonos’ best beaches. Known for its turquoise waters, soft sand and chill vibes, you’ll know great real estate when you see it.


SantAnna goes above and beyond the already abundant selection of food the island has to offer with farm to table Mediterranean dishes available all day and all night long. Not only that, but your lunch can be delivered poolside or to your beach cabana in a box to ensure freshness and top presentation. Enjoy with bubbly, of course.

4:30 PM SIP

While every hour is the happiest hour at SantAnna, days go into nights and nights turn into mornings in Mykonos. Drink at your own pace and leisure from not one, not two, but three bars on the property. Their staff can make some incredible craft cocktails with organic herbs and flavors to hit everyone’s taste buds.

5:30 PM SHOP 

Take a break from the sun and booze and head underground to SantAnna’s shopping mecca. Here you will find all of the latest in summer style (swimsuits, sunglasses, jewelry and women’s and men’s lines from brands like Fleur du Mal, Parthenis, Ilias LALAoUNIS, SunLust and more. Try on everything you like until you find that one ‘wow’ piece for tonight. 

6:00 PM SPA

Unwind from today and get ready to pamper and prep yourself because no boss steps out for the evening without looking fly as hell. Santana has brought Mykonos’ top salon, BeautyWorld, to the subterranean world to help its guests relax with massages and treatments. For the ladies, they have manicures, pedicures, blowouts, waxing and pretty much everything you need to glow from head to toe.

7:00 SUSHI

Head over to the Sushi and Raw Bar restaurant to savor salad, seafood and sashimi and top shelf sake until you’re completely satisfied. Yes, that’s a lot of s’s, we know, but it is SantAnna, and its soooo good.


Let the DJ beats bring you from your seat to dance the night away. From its resident DJs to its Chapters, listen to the sounds of Cj Jeff, YokoO, Ramona Wouters to other special musical guests that bring your experience at SantAnna to the next level.

You know what they say…  live life to the fullest and live each day as if it were your last. Well, we just showed you the way, no excuses. This is Mykonos. This is SantAnna. 

- The MyMykonos App Team