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Experience The Secrets of Spilia

Spilia appears almost out of nowhere and dazzles everyone that walks in

July 18, 2017
You know the places and experience that you can’t wait to go home to brag (I mean, share) about to your friends? Well, Spilia is one of those. Spilia offers an incredibly unique dining experience that lives up to its name, Spilia, which means cave in Greek. The restaurant is literally hidden in a cave to the right side of Agia Anna, effortlessly charming, mysterious and romantic.

Many will suggest making a reservation in advance, which is always a good idea, but we recommend another approach. Start your day off with an adventurous trip towards the north side of the island, away from the crowds and the parties. Follow the signs past Kalo Livadi towards Agia Anna. The beach is smaller in comparison to some of Mykonos’ popular beaches like Super Paradise, Elia, etc. but we like to think of it as a hidden treasure.

Agia Anna is a small stretch of soft sand with glistening turquoise and blue waters and a limited number of bamboo huts and wooden beach beds. The music is relaxing and floats through the breeze – no bass, no drums or techno beats. It is simple, chic and comfortable. After you’ve had your fix of the sun and worked up an appetite lifting your frappe or freddo espresso, head to Spilia.

Here’s where it gets (even more) fun. Walk all the way to right side of the beach where you will see large boulders. Once you get close, you will see a brown wooden plank that is placed above a thin stretch of rocks. Yes, you must walk the plank, which really adds an element of adventure getting to your table. Once you get to the restaurant, you will see it was worth every step. 

Spilia appears almost out of nowhere and dazzles everyone that walks in. The restaurant has table and chairs right over the water, flora and fauna décor and an unobstructed view of the Aegean Sea.

There is an even a natural seawater pool where they keep the live lobsters and seafood. Once you’re seated, pop a bottle of bubbly or a fine selection of Greek wines and toast to life and this beautiful view. Ask their friendly wait staff for their daily specials, or order some of their best plates – lobster spaghetti, sea urchin, and oysters.  

Spilia feels like an exclusive, simple yet sophisticated dining experience that you will never forget. Don’t only take our word for it - it has been noticed and recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the best restaurants in Mykonos and one of the best five beach bars in the world. Spilia is one of the best kept secrets in Mykonos, but it won’t be secret for long.

The My Mykonos App Team