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Cavo Paradiso through the eyes of 17 years old

Cavo Paradiso WAS after Hours Club in 1995 starting at 7am until noon or afternoon some times

September 22, 2017
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Summer 1995 and I was seventeen. I was in the island and someone told me that Louie Vega is on the decks at Cavo Paradiso. I left from my work and I arrived at 7am.They told me that is a party that starts in the day. I couldn’t believe that because I was seventeen. NOW I understand. So I went at 5 am. Everything was closed. I thought the party was cancelled. Before I leave I saw stuff were opening the gates and on the other side a row of bikes, motorbikes, jeeps coming.

Cavo Paradiso WAS after Hours Club in 1995 starting at 7am until noon or afternoon some times.

I remembered that I passed through the entrance as a part of a funny company that was close to me!

I will never forget the feeling when I was in the Club Listening Louie Vega and seeing this unforgettable and glorious sunrise. It was like a dream come true .I stayed up to 1pm and I felt that I was 5minutes there. As a clubber in the past and still today in clubs and bars around the world that feeling that day was much more different, was like I visited the Temple of Clubs.

Today Cavo Paradiso even if has been renovated lots of times even if the sound systems have been the greatest in the world Cavo was always the different the best because of the personal identity ,style, look and philoshofy.

Cavo : The beginning

In 1993, Cavo Paradiso opened its doors to the public. (Since then it has been run by a tightly knit and small team that may as well be family: a group of beautiful people with beautiful personalities who have not only embraced, but lead, the evolution of nightlife and dance culture on the island).

The club was the brainchild of owner Nikos Daktylides, whose vision was to create a venue away from the busy party town of Mykonos, taking advantage of the island’s natural beauty. Despite some scepticism from others in the Mykonos nightlife industry, he built his club on an otherwise deserted hilltop, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It boasts bars on two different levels, a large terrace to make the most of the spectacular views, and a pool in the shape of Mykonos.

Of course the first thought was a place that could someone enjoy the view of the sunset and stay there for a drink or two in the night.

The Lucky Star appeared from the beginning for Cavo because that year the Government in Greece obligated the bars and clubs to operate until 3am.

Locals shared the secret to tourists that there is a place that can stayed up to morning (has this kind of licence) and hundreds of people started to create lines outside of the entrance.

But a bunch of reasons such us the location the music the view the after hour feeling the mixed of people there made Cavo Paradiso from the early beginning the Unique Destination for every clubber visitor in the island and parties started to last even until 3:30 in the evening. Back then you could see Madonna dancing and David Morales performed.

From the early begging everything that happened in Cavo Paradiso  was under respect to the island first and to the people that visit the place. The Mykonian family- owners until today are known for the gentle, the simplicity as personalities, the smile and respect to the cooperators, to the visitors and to the stuff.

That’s why even the cell (the house that farmers used to keep the animals in 19th century) still exist somewhere in Cavo Paradiso and as the owner says to people that this cell is the actual base of the construction and remains here as a reminder of what was in the past but also as a sign of respect to the nature and the past generations.

As we are speaking for generations today lots of people  that visit the famous club haven’t born in when I first been to Cavo.

Cavo was the first bar club back then that was outside of the town. Today in almost every single beach is a bar club restaurant but nothing compares to Cavo.

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