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7 Reasons Why Kalua is One of Our Favorite Beach Spots

Kalua has an effortless chill environment that welcomes anyone and everyone to sit back, relax and swim

June 13, 2017
Tags: Beach Bars
Every year, there are new and improved beach hotspots to soak up the sun and the drinks in Mykonos. Many of these come and go, but only the best remain. Kalua has been a top beach spot in Mykonos since 2001 – that’s 16 years of improving the beach experience to perfection. Below are our top 7 reasons why Kalua remains one of our go to places in Mykonos.

1. Every day is a beach party 

While this is Kalua’s motto, it really is true. Many of the other beach clubs have 1-2 days a week that are their ‘party’ days, but you can go to Kalua EVERY DAY and still get a taste of partying in paradise. Starting at 5pm, head towards the bar and dance floor with everyone else to get things started! In July and August, Kalua boasts up to 1,000 people!

2. The beach 

Kalua is located on Paraga, a beautiful beach that’s big enough for plenty of room to swim, dance and walk around, but small enough that it feels intimate and cozy.

3. Photo opps on the infamous rock

Sure, everyone can post a photo walking the white washed streets in Mykonos Town, but Paraga beach is home to the infamous rock. Those adventurous enough to swim out and climb on top will have their own personal sunbed and amazing photo opps of you floating in and above the Aegean Sea.

4. Seafood

Two words: Lobster Spaghetti. If that doesn’t sell you, there’s also King Crab legs, and many other insanely delicious items on the menu. If you still can’t decide, just check out the fresh fish on display before making your pick.

5. Good Vibes

It’s all about the vibe in Mykonos, and unlike some of the other beach bars that well, try a little too hard to be cool, Kalua has an effortless chill environment that welcomes anyone and everyone to sit back, relax and swim.

6. Sushi Boat

Sure, some of the other beach clubs will serve you sushi rolls a la carte, but Kalua has a incredible sushi boat that you can share with your crew (or new friends), not to mention more great photos for your Instagram. Sushi boat on the beach, yes please!

7. No Wait, Book in Advance

Some of us live to wake up and be the first person on the beach. If you’ve been to Mykonos before, you know you’ll need some extra time in the morning to recover or relax. If you head to the beach at peak hours, you could wait up to 30 minutes to find a bed. Not at Kalua! You can book in advance here. No one likes waiting in line, and now you don’t have to.

There you have it. Head to Kalua where every day really is a beach party. For more info, visit their website.


The My Mykonos App Team